5 Important Flooring Questions to Ask and Get Answers from Experts

5 Important Flooring Questions to Ask and Get Answers from Experts

Choosing the right flooring is important for any homeowner and unfortunately, many do not have much knowledge about the matter. There are several carpet shops in London that can help you in getting the right option for your need. Before you decide to invest money in floors, consult experts who have in-depth knowledge in the field. This blog will discuss 5 flooring questions that you must ask the expert at the flooring shop before you make an investment.

  1. What are the present flooring trends?


    In recent times, there have been many requests from clients for striped carpets specifically made for the stairs. There already are quality striped carpets on the market, but with the increased demand, manufacturers try and bring out more ranges that are more suitable for your budget. Sisal is a popular choice for staircases and other high traffic areas due to its hard wearing nature. For the living room and bedroom, wool and wool mix carpets are a good option for most people. These are available in natural or neutral colours. If you are looking for the right flooring for kitchens and bathrooms, then vinyl is considered to be the right choice.

  2. What should homeowners consider when selecting floor material?


    It is essential to know your estimated budget and the look you want for your home when choosing the right flooring material. Try to get some measurements before you begin shopping so that the retailer can provide accurate estimation of the costs involved. Be sure to know how you will use the floor and how much traffic it is expected to handle. Thus, a soft carpet in the hallway will usually not last for long but a wood, vinyl or laminate flooring will last for several years.

  3. How important is it to choose good quality flooring?


    This will actually depend on the needs of the customers and how long the flooring should last. For example, there is laid flooring for customers who want the floors to last for many years. For this situation, it is important to choose quality flooring.

  4. What is the most durable flooring material?


    The most durable flooring material is traditionally woven Axminster wool carpet. These are heavily patterned, costly and meant to last for years. You may choose wool mix twist pile carpet if it fits within your budget. The laminate flooring has a guaranteed wear layer of 15 to 20 years. Also, engineering and solid woods are extremely durable. The most durable vinyl floor is high end luxury vinyl tile.

  5. What price should expect for the right flooring?


    Different floorings have different costs based on the needs of the homeowners. Some kinds of flooring are – laminate, engineered wood, vinyl and carpets. It is advised to contact local floor fitters in London who can help in choosing the right kind of flooring that will fit your style and budget. They can also give advice on proper maintenance so that the floors last for years without any damage on them. You can ask the professional about the price of each type of flooring before investing your money in it.

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