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Telenzo Carpets has been providing high quality carpets in the United Kingdom since the 1970s. However, the origin of the company dates back to 1918 when the Edel and Zoons began to create rush matting in Genemuiden in Northern Holland. The carpet brand is sought for its authentic wool and wool mix tufted carpets as well as for its superior synthetic fiber carpets.

The company has been a big player in the market that has headquarters in West Yorkshire and its native Northern Holland. It is well and solidified its place as one of the top suppliers of the industry throughout the past 50 years.

Here at M&M Carpets, we carry Telenzo Carpets to satisfy your carpet needs. Our customers can now take advantage of these carpets and get the best price you will surely love and enjoy. We always keep the manufacturer’s label on the product. That indicates you can double-check you got the ideal quality of weight or product.

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Excellent Quality of Rugs from Telenzo Carpets

Did you know that Telenzo Carpets is synonymous with superiority? That explains its fame among both business and residential owners. The company is dedicated to employing only the highest quality of materials in its products to guarantee customers get the most of their investments. Telenzo Carpets also sought for its authentic and wool-mix tuft carpets.

Apart from that, you will see that the majority of their carpets are Scotchgard treated before leaving the factory. That offers them stain-repellent properties, which will surely benefit anyone.

Are you determined to keep your floors looking immaculate? Perhaps you are running a busy household of sticky-fingered children and busy household. No matter what your case is, EdelTelenzo Carpets is perfect for you.

Get a Wide Selection of Designs

When you choose Telenzo from M&M Carpets, you can rest assured to be provided with a broad spectrum of amazing designs. We stock the whole Telenzo Carpets range. You can expect designs, which are classy, remarkable, yet delicate.

Are you looking for something distinct to make a specific room stick out? Telenzo Carpets can also accommodate you. A Hammersmith carpet has stripped designs, which come in three various colors. This carpet is designed to last for a lifetime, along with a heavy domestic rating. That makes it ideal for anywhere inside your home.

EdelTelenzo Carpets utilize only the best yarns and materials in their carpets to guarantee great quality products. Its classy and stunning designs are sold through thousands of carpet stores throughout the country and through a network of wholesalers and contractors.

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Telenzo Carpets are chic, elegant, and symbolize over 50 years of manufacturing experience and expertise. Shop our collection of wool carpets at our showroom today!

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