Timber Flooring Contractors in London

If you are looking for a great timber flooring contractor, M&M Carpets maybe the best option that you’ll have. They have high quality customer service, craftsmanship and uses top quality materials like Cloud Nine underlay. We have the team force that is trained and experienced to reach the standards of every single customer.

Dedicated Floor Fitting Service

M&M Carpets carpet and vinyl fitters offers a high-quality fitting service with consistency. We also work on time, and uniform in branded vans. We offer the following services:

  • Move any heavy and large furniture from the room that requires floor fitting
  • Cut the gripper rods, carpets and underlay, keeping the old rods and underlay
  • Shape the bottom carpets
  • vacuum and clear rubbish in every room we work on. Leaving all the affected areas clean and tidy.


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Top quality Finished Vinyl

M&M Carpets has highly skilled engineers and specialists that will take care of your floorings. Our expertise covers laying, vinyl subflooring in every affected surface. We provide the best tools for appropriate adhesives.

We have the materials with all the leading brands of vinyl, so if you are thinking about floor fitting service with the best solution for your home, they are perfect for you.

Flooring Installation

M&M Carpets provides unmatched elegance that you can’t see in other flooring contractors. If you want to go with bamboo flooring, solid hardwood flooring or even laminated flooring, we will assure that you will get the highest quality floor installation that you wanted in your home.

Floor Sanding

If your floor is newly installed and you want to give it a bit of love, sanding your floor can provide that. Sanding will bring your floor into its best condition before finishing it. We will restore your wooden floors like the original ones. We will make sure that our performance is value to our customers.

Floor Finishes

Now that you’ve found the perfect flooring style that you want let them give the best finish that will match your standards. Let us help you to come up with a great visually appealing hardware solution. If you want a result that will exceed your expectations in timber flooring, stylish finishes, and many more floor issues, all you have to do is call M&M Carpets.

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