Balsan Modular Carpet Tiles

Balsan modular carpet tiles fit perfectly for any business spaces that are subjected to intense traffic. These carpet tiles are very easy to lie all thanks to their flexible shape.

These tiles make structured spaces possible using their magnificent colours, pixels, patterns, and stripes. They can be used as part of a High Environmental Quality program (HQE) that delivers functional solutions to integrate innovative sustainable criteria in the area of building trade.

Balsan modular carpets are made by using 100% green electricity. It also offers a complete collection of eco-designed carpet tiles made by incorporating 100% recycled fibre. You will indeed want to buy them because they are all expressively patterned carpets! Once you feast your eyes on these vibrant-looking tiles basing on its wide range and originality, you cannot let it go. You can never go wrong choosing this product given the vast possibilities our products offer, with their myriad splash of colours, meticulous linings, dainty stripes, and cool curvy patterns.

Other Advantages of purchasing Balsan Modular Tiles:

Balsan Carpet Tiles doesn’t require mopping and a bucket of water. You can clean it using a vacuum (at least for once a week) is enough to maintain the product’s brightness. It is also advised to use a dry powder to maintain the freshness of the carpet tiles. Carpets are indeed easier to install compared to typical floorboards. At M&M Carpets Contractors, we offer Balsan carpet fitting for your residential and commercial property.

Light, Warm, and Creative!

This is a carpet that can surely bring light into any workspace or room. This will add more vibrancy and lighten up the ambiance of a space. They also keep the heat between 10% and 12% that can offer excellent thermal heat protection providing a warmth consistency in all rooms unlike other wooden floorboards. Thanks to their fun patterns and curves, you can come up with many themes and schemes of however you want to decorate and create a story in your own space.

Tiles that are proven to be Healthy and Silent

Thanks to its textile structure, it traps dust that we can inhale and reduce it by 50%. It also isn’t a typical floorboard that creaks and causes the clanking sound of heels hitting ordinary tiles. It’s also said to be the most comfortable floor cover anyone can walk on.

Balsan also provides aid to a research on allergies led by Dr. Daeron in the Pasteur Institute and helps the French National Forestry Office’s project of replanting needed species of trees.

M&M Carpets Contractors offer a range of Balsan Carpet tiles for commercial and residential properties.

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