Burmatex Carpet

Are you considering new carpet tiles? Then, Burmatex carpet is your best choice. In the early 1900s, J.F Burrows founded Burmatex. At first, they start on turning the existing mill into the sorting of rags. Lately, this became an avenue of creating the high-quality Burmatex carpet. Burmatex carpet is a quality made product to ensure it meets the highest quality and market demand. New ways and innovations are always made to improve the manufacturing quality of the Burmatex carpet.

You can choose a variety of Burmatex carpet in M&M Carpets. You can rest assure our Burmatex carpet is a high-quality product as it undergoes quality testing making it your top choice of carpet. Burmatex carpet passed the latest CEN and BSI standards. It means that Burmatex carpet is durable, colourfastness and antistatic.

You can even choose from M&M Carpets biggest designs.

Strands- Do you want to make a statement? Burmatex carpet is right for you. Burmatex carpet can make/transform you dull office spaces into something more fun and good to the eyes with its striking lines. Burmatex carpet is the best use in airports, universities or public communal areas. 

Tivoli- Burmatex Tivoli carpet is a guarantee made of 100% solution dyed nylon which features a good and unique laying pattern from subtle stripes or solid colour. This product is just perfect for any commercial establishment and public areas.

4200 sidewalk carpet- this Burmatex carpet is made from 15% nylon and 85% polypropylene. This carpet is a fine-ribbed fibre sheet carpet. With its fastest installation time and cheaper price making this carpet tiles the best choice if you’re tight on budget.

Advantages of Using our Burmatex Carpet


With so many products available in the market it might hard for you to find an affordable carpet. M&M Carpets range of Burmatex comes with prices you can afford. Its affordable yet high-quality performance will give you a stunning and beautiful style in your office or home. 


Burmatex offers a wide range of unlimited selection of design that caters to your preference and business requirements. With this wide selection of designs, you are free to choose the design you want. With Burmatex carpet less maintenance is needed and you can save time in cleaning.  it provides protection from inhaling harmful dust particle.


Our M&M Carpets range of Burmatex last longer. its fire resistance characteristics, makes it a reliable choice. Another element of these carpets durability is that maintaining its colour. Burmatex carpet is fade resilience which ensures your carpet maintains its good colour. 

Overall, M&M Carpets offer the Burmatex carpet that are passed our rigorous selection process to provide our customers with amazing quality and best prices

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