Jacaranda Carpets

Looking for a unique and charming carpets for your home? Then the Jacaranda carpets are the perfect one for you. These carpets are manufactured using natural materials and were created with quality that made it survive the test of age and time. They use traditional techniques through hand tufting mixed with passion to create stylish carpets and rugs.

Natural Quality Materials

We all know that the secret behind long lasting carpets are its materials and manufacturing methods. Jacaranda pays attention to this more as they use natural materials in their product such as rugs and carpets that makes them exceptionally dazzling through the years. These high quality carpets are produced thanks to these materials namely: pure Chinese silk, pure wool, viscose, and TENCEL that are spun from natural cellulose. Impressive durability and resilience, sound and heat insulation and that luxurious underfoot feel, these are the advantages of the Jacaranda carpets.

Traditional Ways

The Jacaranda carpets are made through traditional ways and techniques by competent artisans. Some of the companies implement one technique only but Jacaranda uses both to create quality carpets. Their top of the class craftsmanship are manifested in their hand-woven and manually made carpets and Himalayan manually knotted rugs. But the ones that are created by machineries will also be notable because of pure wool from New Zealand and looms from Wilton.

Here’s what separates our Jacaranda carpets to the others:

You don’t have to look for other carpets because Jacaranda is here for you. Our carpets would beautifully blend with your interior and turn your home into a stylish at a great place.

Hand-Woven and Manually Made Carpets and Rugs

The unique look and feel that our rugs and carpets shows are made possible by skilled and talented artisans using high quality fibres and ingredients. Having variations and texture with natural colors makes it suitable for different types of interior.

Machine made Carpets

Aside from the traditionally made carpets and rugs, our machine made carpets are also top class. Compilations contains timeless and elegant designs that would suit both classic and modern style. These are created by using wool from New Zealand that shows lavish and resiliency and soft and good to touch. You can pick between their varieties, lighter tone with subtle and  textures, square, herringbone and hexagon weave design and pattern or the Wilton carpet that is suitable in areas having heavy and difficult traffic in officers or properties.

Himalayan Manually Hand-knotted Rugs

Jacaranda Himalayan manually hand-knotted rug are made with class that are skillfully crafted by artisans that would look fabulous and durable at the same time. You know that these are made using the traditional way, age-old manual hand-knotting techniques to be exact. And these designs are ranged from simple to texture to creative and intricate ones.

Buy these attractive, fabulous, and durable carpets that would give any interior space that outstanding and stunning look.

Here at M&M Carpets, we offer a wide range of Jacaranda carpets for residential and commercial properties. Feel free to visit our showroom to explore our range of Jacaranda carpets.

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