C.A.T. (Carpet Accessories Trims) Flooring Profiles

C.A.T. was established in the year 1986 which offers the most comprehensive selection of high-quality products in the flooring industry. Products like chrome, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, Nisheen, and antique finishes are some of the products they have developed for you and to others in giving quality flooring accessories.

C.A.T being the producers of known profiles and trims provides solution to our every need in finding good flooring accessories. C.A.T. continues to produce quality products and building a strong relationship to its customers and its specifiers.

This became especially popular to the specifier, which determines the particular materials needed in the projects. C.A.T. flooring accessories provide facility and fabrication services in shaping and curving of stair rods, stair nosing and edgings and floor trims which give more freedom to you in achieving the design you want.

C.A.T. offers flooring profiles and available in different kinds of metals as well as UPVC with different range of colours and finishes.

Kliks Clip in System

Kliks clip in the system is designed to have a modern look and fixing free finish you desire. Mostly it is suitable for commercial and residential installations.

Reflex Movement Joints

Reflex Movement Joints is designed for all hard flooring, protects edges to erosion, and eliminating the cracking with its range of movement joints and expansion.

Single and Twin Profiles

Single and Twin Profiles are widely available in many sizes and finishes in any brass and aluminium. This flooring design gives an attractive, smooth and high quality of surface giving any installation a sleek and modern finish.

Catwalk Clip in Profiles

Catwalk is a P.V.C. top on the base which is designed for easy on-site curving. This is more suitable for commercial and residential installations.

Timberline Profiles for Timber Floors

These are designed for expansion in timber floor easy installation and available in stainless steel, and brass.

Angles and Tag Trim Formable Angles

These are form angles in producing shapes and curves easily. This allows you to have the freedom to choose what design you prefer.

Overall, C.A.T (Carpet Accessories Trims) has a wide range of flooring profiles you can choose that depends on your preference. Through our M&M Carpets C.A.T. range of accessories you can now achieve a stunning and beautiful layout design to your rooms or your business making it pleasing to the eyes of many.

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