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Well-designed wood flooring is a good choice if you’re planning to design a room with issues such as high humidity level, being near the ground, or closeness to a wet room. M&M Carpets and Flooring offers a budget-friendly option and is more affordable than hardwood. Choosing a high-quality wood product could provide you the most benefits and features.

Special Materials

Getting the variety of textures, colours, and looks will get you the best wood classy vibe and warmth. You can also get the advantages of special products with easy maintenance. Fitting of engineered flooring can be a difficult task, but choosing the right specialists from M&M Carpets, can guarantee you the best outcome, so if you’re planning a fitting around London and south east, we can be your helping hand!

We offer wood flooring with high flexibility that it can be fitted in your subfloor or any part of your house. Unlike solid wood, they are using modified wood that can be fitted on the slightly damp or uneven floor to prevent the wood contraction and unfixing.

The solidness of our material is very suitable for commercial buildings, due to its traffic resistance finish that makes the building tougher to adapt to the new environment setting. At M&M Carpets, we usually start the project by checking your building for subfloor level, moisture level, so that we can conduct preparation to assure the success of their project and bring you the best result.

M&M Carpets uses a flexible method like stapling for plywood base. Stapling is a technique where they install woods flooring with additional materials to ensure the plywood’s sturdiness. In this process, we use nails or glue to make sure that the tongue and groove planks are attached.


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Stylish Floor Coverings

You can choose your own choice of carpets, vinyl, floor design, natural carpets, laminated floors, and real wood. With our professional workforce, you can assure that you are provided with high quality service. So, if you’re searching for a dedicated team of specialists for floor fitting around London, M&M Carpets will always have your back. We will provide you sincere suggestions that will ensure your floors style and durability with affordable prices.

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