Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Experience the feeling of genuine wood effect vinyl floorings without emptying your wallet in M & M Carpets. We offer the highest quality and affordable vinyl that will satisfy your needs for your home or commercial floorings. We can provide you with beautiful work samples with a different accent and looks. Get our realistic and stylish wood designs with low maintenance.

Vinyl Flooring Additional Services

You can order to M&M Carpets with free work samples and take advantage of our home consultation. We have some of the best flooring experts to give sincere recommendations to make your home floorings last longer.

If you want a perfect finish, you can also get the best finishing touches with M&M Carpets flooring experts.

Vinyl Flooring Consultation

You can ask our expert advice on how to maintain your floorings, how to buy unique floorings and how to uplift and dispose of your old floorings.

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Natural Looks on the Floor

If you want waterproof, durable and tough vinyl floorings, you can get them in M&M Carpets. Just so you know, we offer vinyl floorings that can bounce back after being compressed. This technology gives your vinyl flooring a cushiony feeling. Some of our resilient floorings provide a layer of extra cushioning for additional comfort.

Wear Layers

The durability of vinyl flooring usually depends on its wear layer. This layer is a transparent plastic film that is placed on the top of the flooring. The thicker the layer, the longer the flooring will last. Typical wear layers from 6 to 20mm thick. If you’re planning to install interiors in your room with low foot traffic, a thin wear layer will probably solve your problem.

We offer wood flooring with different patterns and colours that will make your flooring look like a real hardwood.

Cork Flooring

Cork floor is a durable with beautiful patterns. It’s not that popular unlike other types of vinyl flooring, but they can give you outstanding qualities that other floorings don’t provide.

M&M Carpets has a lot more to offer, and with our vast range of resources, you can be assured that you are in the right hand on making your home look elegant and unique. So, if you want trendy flooring, that last long and are affordable then choose M&M Carpets.

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