Karndean Flooring

Crafted from an ultimately durable type of customised vinyl, the Karndean Flooring is known to replicate the beauty of the natural flooring materials with no practical drawbacks. While virtually indistinguishable from materials that inspire our unique designs, it delivers significant benefits in terms of cost, maintenance and capability.

Karndean Flooring - Made with Environment in Mind

Since Karndean flooring takes inspirations from nature, their products are manufactured using materials with minimum impacts on the natural environment. All flooring’s products are recyclable.

Our brochure/catalogue showcases many great flooring options that we offer. Some of the most popular vinyl floorings and tiles we offer from Karndean Flooring include the following:

Art Select Marble

Maybe you'll pick the remarkable Art Select Marble. It is a mind-bending precise marble flooring that comes in both light or Fiore and dark variations or Otono. Every variant has versions with some clipped corners as well, enabling you to split the room up effortlessly.

Opus Wood

Do you want some rustic feel? Then you can take a look of the Opus woods which are among the top favorites. This is available in different shades and ready to complement existing decors.

Karndean Commercial Flooring

Karndean flooring is solid as well, and all come with amazing guarantees for residential as well as commercial installation, with also some covers against industrial or commercial use. Browse our catalogue and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding Karndean commercial flooring and fitting.

We Guarantee Unrivalled Quality on Karndean Flooring

As an experienced luxury vinyl specialist, you would notice that we are passionate about appearance, texture and of course quality. Karndean Flooring’s develop products with beautiful and innovative designs. Their products are created using 100% pure and high-quality vinyl.

Here at M&M Carpets, we are committed to producing and offering clients with quality luxury vinyl flooring like Karndean flooring. All our residential and commercial flooring products are easy to clean, stain-resistant and with excellent designs to help your space sparkle.

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