Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpets is one of the companies who have long held a status for the most sophisticated and quality carpets available within the market. Throughout the years, the company has guaranteed to sustain this reputation by concentrating on innovation, design as well as the hunt of superiority.

Established more than seventy years ago by George Walter Wilson in Northern Ireland, Ulster Carpets is still acquired by the family members of the founder. Each of their woven carpets is produced in Northern Ireland, along with yam being generated in their plant situated in Dewsbury, North Yorkshire. Ulster Carpets make sure they have the overall control on their yarn quality, and they guaranteed long-term security of supply.

Ulster Carpets have been producing and manufacturing top quality Axminster and Wilton carpets within the United Kingdom since 1938. Their sophisticated and elegant carpets are the highest quality and come in a wide array of designs. These ranges from Boho to contemporary styles and heritage to classic traditional styles.

The carpet company in the UK are 100% heavy wearing, wonderful flooring, which will endure the test of time. Furthermore, Ulster Carpets have its rigorous Environmental Policy that covers every aspect of manufacturing from carbon emissions down to waste management.

What’s more, every domestic Wilton and Axminster carpets from Ulster Carpets are designed and produced within the country. Axminster carpets are trimmed four times, and every cut takes a small amount off the pile but still offering a smooth surface on the completed carpet. They are woven in Ireland, offering total control of quality from beginning to end. Their carpets are used all across the globe, and it can be seen in conference venues, casinos, cruise ships, hotels as well as those finest homes. Ulster carpets are ideal for all underfloor heating systems once installed along with a proper underlay.

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