ITC Carpets

ITC has been here for years now, established during the year of 1968. They have been the leader when it comes to hand-woven and manually made textile flooring. Do you want an instant upgrade in your interior? For your commercial properties? Or to achieve the design and great looking living spaces? Well, the ITC range we offer at M&M Carpets has it all for you as we create stylish carpets and rugs made from quality and innovated yarns. Our elegant design would suit to both classic and modern homes and are durable able to withstand traffic and constant use in commercial interior areas.

Quality Materials

Here at M&M Carpets we only choose quality ranges of natural materials, 100% New and high-quality Zealand wool. You can also find sisal, coil, viscose, or seagrass. But those are not the only natural materials we take pride on. We also have this exotic range of materials that include bamboo and banana fibres along with soft silk. From all these natural materials, our collections harvest products that are beautiful and stunning. Creating your own dream home is now easy.

Here are the things that we would like you to know about:

If you want to purchase quality and beautiful carpets, then our M&M Carpets range of ITC is the best place for you. They offer a vast range of stylish hand-woven and manually made products that would make your home look superb and even provide an extravagant underfoot feeling.

Connoisseur Collections

This collection is composed of 100% New Zealand wool, 100% natural undyed wool and 100% high-quality viscose carpets. An antique pattern can found in this collection made possible by hand-shearing through great, random patterns.

Heavy traffic in your commercial area or domestic area? These carpets would work for you. These are smooth to touch and hard-wearing making them durable and useable in heavy traffic. We also have Viscose carpets that highlight its velvety and shimmering look that would look perfect in your interior space.

Campeon Collection

The Campeon collection showcases two types of manufacture technique: woven and tufted.

Tufted carpets are made with 100% nylon yarns piles and are treated with Stainmaster making it suitable for commercial and heavy domestic use. With the application of Stainmaster, our products would be spill and stain resistant. The colours in our Campeon collection are composed of ranges from light beige to brighter shade. But the design is remarkable as it is soft that feels awesome to touch and feel underfoot.

We also have the woven which is composed of either polypropylene or jute that is ideal for making your space more beautiful.

Couture Collection

With this collection, exotic fibres are used such as banana or bamboo fibres. This includes a vast range of design, from simple design to carved carpets. You can also find in this collection lavish carpets that will add a sophisticated look for your room or space.

We have different collections that would match your taste and desires. We will transform your simple room into a more sophistication, with an extravagant ambiance.

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