Modulyss Carpets

Looking for a smart way to floor your offices and home? Modulyss carpets, available in different patterns are perfect for filling interiors of all sizes and shapes.

Creative designs by Modulyss – A top brand in Carpet tiles

The standard 50 x 50 dimension of modular carpets give it a design flexibility preferred by architects and designers. Modulyss, a Belgian company manufactures high quality and elegant designs of carpet tiles particularly for the contract market. With this, they successfully achieve their goal of quality and sustainability. This brand of carpet tiles is produced such that they come with optimal quality and great flexibility! This exceptional feature makes Modulyss stand out.

Modulyss carpet – corporate social responsibility

To preserve the environment, Modulyss has a complete collection of ecological carpets produced from 100% recycled material. Even their cutting waste has been reused to produce the backing of their tiles in a project named back2back. The company uses renewable manufacturing process reliant on solar power and other methods to manufacture eco-tiles. With these, there’s no doubt that Modulyss raises the bar in sustainable production in its CSR initiative. Their production process is eco-friendly!

Advantages of Modulyss carpet tiles – Loose-lay carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are more handy and efficient for commercial application. The loose-lay carpet tiles stand apart from other floor covers. It’s easy to maintain and install which makes it user-friendly. With sound absorption and dust trapping capabilities, carpet tiles improve office productivity and indoor air quality. They’re easy to store and require fewer offcuts than other floor coverings. Besides being loose-lay, they require no permanent glue which might damage the underfloor with time.

Easy maintenance

Modulyss carpets are greatly resilient, plus they have quality colour and appearance retention. This makes them easy to clean and durable, which equals to lower cost of maintenance.

Modulyss dBack – Sound absorber

The need to lessen noise created by floor covering led to the production of dBack by Modulyss. dBack comes with a recycled polyester felt which improves sound insulation. It has been boosted by 15% and is 50% sound absorbent than back2back.

Modulyss – Global providers of carpet tiles

The company manufactures high-quality, elegant, and comfortable carpets for big organisations like universities, offices, banks, and other public buildings. Companies like Samsung and Vodafone and international airports have been supplied with thousands of square meters of Modulyss carpets. Modulyss believes in perfection!

M&M Carpet Contractors – dealers on Modulyss carpets

At M&M Carpet, we care about quality and that is why we stock a range of Modulyss carpets. We offer these high-quality carpets at an affordable price.

You can get a bespoke quotation from us if you’re buying a large quantity. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and enquiries; we’ll be glad to help.

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