Havwoods Flooring

Havwoods is one of the leading floors servicing company since 1975. They offer a superb hardwood flooring ranged source from reliable suppliers across the Asia Pacific and Europe. They are dedicated to satisfy and provide their customers with outstanding floor solutions at a very affordable price. Havwoods flooring services have developed loyal and extensive networks of interior designers and architect, as well as retail customers.

Who Is Havwoods?

Havwoods led the flooring industry for many years, and today, they are continuing their journey to advance aesthetically and technologically with their floor designs. They have a wide range of wood floors making them a very popular floor servicing across the country. Havswood masterpiece is versatile. You can find them in several famous outlets from Italian restaurants, Hotel Chocolat and even in Paul Smith designer showroom.

What Do They Offer?

With their vast of engineered solid wood floors, joinery, interiors, decking, and even cladding, there are a lot of choices to look for. It also comes with a variety of shades, patterns, finishes, and length. You can choose the perfect wood for your home, from dark to light woods, plank or patterned to innovate your home. With their forty years of expertise and experience, you can assure a product with high-quality and long lasting stylish floorings.

M&M Carpets and Havwoods

Got a question about Havwoods? Get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

Got a question about Havwoods?
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