Lano Carpets

Lano Carpets is one of the leading European carpet manufacturers. It is based in Belgium, and they have other production facilities in northern France. In 1970, the company was formed and was merged with three of the other manufacturers. Lano produces the most stunning carpets for customers for more than a century, they have a rich history when it comes to their products.

Our M&M Carpets products are diversely offered which includes a wide range of other varieties of traditional carpets as well as other artificial grass. Lano's products and all stock are available at M&M Carpets. Carpets are guaranteed for 7 years on wear and staining which have a heavy domestic rating. Customers must look at the popular fascination that Lano carpets can offer. It is best installed in areas like stairs and hallways. There are 12 available colours that customers can choose on depending on their taste and preference. These colours will fit and suit perfectly for your home decor.

Why there is a need to choose Lano Carpets? It is because Lano offers and are proud to showcase their luxurious carpets. They provide carpets that are stain free. M&M Carpets knows your flooring projects need through research which is done for over a century. It is ensured that we will give quality standard service and products for all of their customers.

Is there a need for you to purchase high-end carpets? Yes, as homeowners we want to give the best for our home. We want every corner of our home to be the best features that every guest will appreciate. When it comes to carpets, we should use the high-end carpets that will complement our home. This is the reason why Lano Carpets is one of your best options for you. Lano provides high-end carpets that customers can purchase at a very affordable price.

The thickness of Lano carpets measures approximately 8.5 mm or 14mm, which provides soft floors for customers. You can have a 25-year manufacturer's warranty as the extended warranty that Lano can offer for you. They also have carpets in which the width measures 4m and 5m.

Lano Carpets are easy to install which is very convenient for customers who have larger spaces. As a customer, you should choose M&M Carpets that will give you a lot of benefits. One of these is Lano which is known for its luxurious carpets. Expect the best in M&M Carpets Lano range!

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