Brockway Carpets

Brockway is known for producing high quality wool carpets. For over five decades their products have proven their durability and versatility. Brockway Carpets is owned by a well-known British company called the Kidderminster which remains family-run up to this day.

They also produce all their products in the UK and utilise the latest technology to make their product environmentally friendly. Brockway carpets are made in high-end wool yarns which is biodegradable.

Impressively-Made Carpets

You can find your ideal carpet that you are looking for in the Brockway products. Carpets are impressively made with a wide and varied range of stunning colours and textures. Two of the most popular products they offer are the Orion Twist and Orion Twist Major. These two carpets are both thick and soft which make them perfect for any building. Each carpet is made of 80% pure new wool and 20% synthetic materials which is the main feature of their products.

Do you want to improve the look of your home or office space?

Brockway Carpets will help you to enhance your space. They have Jubilee stripe carpets which will perfectly match any space. Jubilee stripe carpets are best for homeowners who are looking for something a little quirkier. They offer products in 11 different colours and customers will not be struggling to find the perfect colour which will suit their current interior design.

Brockway ensure that they have complete control over the standards of the products since they keep a close eye on the manufacturing process.

Brockway Carpets is a perfect choice for every property owner. They work with some of the leading yarn suppliers and designers in the UK. This means that you are assured of getting the necessary product which is of high quality and standards.

At M&M Carpets Contractors, we offer a selection of Brockway carpets to our customers. We also offer professional carpet fitting service for residential and commercial projects.

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