All You Need To Know About Amtico Flooring

All You Need To Know About Amtico Flooring

Several flooring industries have emerged all over the world. This means that you have to be on the lookout for one who knows just what they are doing and is good at it. On your own, it may be very difficult to know which flooring company to choose, and that is why you need the help of experts like us at M-M carpets to make that choice for you. We make it our job to ensure that our clients get the best quality flooring. How do we do that? We do that by enlisting and working with flooring companies that are very good at producing good quality floor tiles, luxury vinyl tiles and even engineered or laminate flooring.

A good example of a renowned flooring manufacturer is Amtico Flooring. With years of experience producing some of the most beautiful quality luxury vinyl tiles, Amtico luxury flooring should be your number one choice for flooring in your home or commercial areas.

Why should you go for Amtico luxury vinyl tiles?

As carpet fitters, we understand that everyone has different tastes in the things they want in their homes. Amtico Flooring knows the same thing. For this reason, everyone does not get to choose the same design. This is why they have three main unique collections that you can make your choice from.

These three unique collections include the following-

Amtico spacia flooring

The spacia flooring is specifically designed for areas where there is too much traffic. Despite this feature, it can be used in any living space as it combines visually appealing aesthetics and superior performance.

Amtico signature collection

This is the flagship collection for Amtico Flooring. It contains about 180 flooring products that are uniquely designed to enable you to customise the area to your taste and create your own unique space.

Amtico click smart collection

This collection includes designs that are easy to install and do not require adhesives. It was designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind because the product allows you to fix it yourself.

In this collection, you have the chance to choose between six unique designs, and they have each been produced to replicate the texture and look of wood and stone.

Benefits of Amtico luxury vinyl flooring

There are several benefits attached to having Amtico luxury vinyl flooring in your space, whether residential or commercial. Some of these benefits include the following

Easy to maintain

It does not take much to maintain an Amtico luxury vinyl flooring. Cleaning them does not take much effort, and when they get damaged, they are equally easy to replace or repair. This means you can enjoy your luxury flooring for years without having to worry about getting a new one.

Unique designs and products

With Amtico Flooring, there are hundreds of designs to choose from. With an array of colours, motifs and patterns to choose from, you can create your unique design or unique look in any area, be it in your residential area or commercial space.

Robust or full

All of the luxury flooring manufactured by Amtico Flooring has been designed to have an underfloor heating system. This ensures that the flooring will not warp or crack.


All of the luxury flooring from Amtico Flooring is produced with the comfort of the customer in mind. Because of this, all products are soft to the touch and are warm. This is a result of their unique structure. Additionally, the floors have been designed to absorb sound and create a peaceful environment.


Every vinyl tile from Amtico Flooring shows great strength and resistance. This is because every tile is produced bythe heat compression of layers. The process of compression gives rise to a final product of great strength and resilience.

Still wondering why you should choose Amtico Flooring for your residential and commercial flooring? Reach out to us at M-M carpets. We will help you discover more about Amtico Flooring and why you should choose them. As professional carpet fitters, it is our job to make sure that you get the best service there is. Get in touch with us today.