Latest Carpet Trends: Carpet Fitters bring Cozy Feel to Your Home

Latest Carpet Trends: Carpet Fitters bring Cozy Feel to Your Home

Carpets are a good addition to your home when you think of slipping your shoes off with clean feet. They come in chicer forms, starting from natural textures such as sisal and jute which are the perfect choice for modern rustic styles to luxury deep pile carpets for transforming your space. According to carpet fitters, there are several options why you should use carpets in your home for getting back the old style. You may continue reading to know about some of them.

Bold colours

The carpet fitters in London believe carpet is the new paint and when you choose bright and lively hues, it adds a wow-factor to your home. This is a key focus of the current colour trends. Those who want to include such a statement should select a tone that will complement with wall colours and ensure the look remains cohesive. You may even go for contrasting shade in order to ensure it remains a feast for your eyes. 

Decorative borders 

Creating customised carpet is how designers add unique touch to your home and space. When laying a carpet on a tiled or wooden floor, leaving a small gap around the edge enables to stand out and gives space to add decorative border.

Soft lilacs – Though grey carpets are a good choice for monochromatic and colourful interiors, selecting pastel shade like lilac is a great option to avoid interiors from looking extremely dull. You may pair with shades like warm yellows and green or dark wine hues for creating happy ambience and perfect base for colour with accessories and furniture.

Recycled materials 

Designers are choosing waste to contribute to shift perceptions on the materials and circular economy. Having a circular approach to design is the key in taking accountability for the products being prepared. The collection is available in both bespoke and standard sizes for homes where addition of wall-to-wall carpet might be a great option. They are somewhat smaller than room dimensions and perfect way to nod to colour trends of living room for adding warmth and comfort. 

Classic stripes 

The everlasting appeal of striped patterned carpets is a favourite choice for many designers. Stripes give structure to a space and several shades and tones in a scheme. Stripes work really well in the bedroom and are impactful enough to feel interesting for creating restful space.

Checkerboard patterns

The checkerboard patterns has already reached rugs and carpets throughout the interiors world. It creates the perfect base with which you can build interior scheme. They are styled for both minimal and maximal environments. It provides good opportunity to play with colour as you use more neutral colour and add one or two bold shades.

Carpet artwork for wall

Designers want to rethink the concepts by applying rugs and carpets as dramatic works of art for wall. This is reinterpreted for the contemporary scheme which is a great way to make living rooms look unique.

Curvaceous form

The rug and carpet designers include rounded silhouettes and curves into their pattern and shape for taking inspiration from structural and architectural configurations.  They are very popular with architects and interior designers which bring contrast to angular furniture choice.

Contemporary carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are a functional solution for many people. But designers try to reimage them in the residential buildings for unique shapes, vibrant shades and ne w materials. All these bring them to life and provide a suitable solution when being laid over the existing floors. Carpet tiles are a simple way to include on-trend checkerboard pattern into the space.

Yellow hues and bold trims

Carpets usually take up seven eighths of a room which means you get a chance for the addition of a trim. The addition of a bold colour can make their way into the trend of this year. 

Natural materials

The most common carpet trend is natural fiber rugs and materials like sisal, sea grass and jute. These rugs style the floors due to their versatility and hardwearing nature. All you need to do is take a step ahead and go wall to wall with it. The simplicity of this look is quite similar to hardwood floors and you get organic style and plenty of texture with little softness underfoot. Going simple with the carpet means you may layer rugs on the top and use sisal as backdrop for patterns and bold shades.

Heritage prints for stairs

Carpet trends are choosing bold colours and prints for embracing maximalist aesthetic in wonderful carpets. It is slightly reminiscent and blue scheme gives in modern twist being paired with the pink wallpaper. If you are going bold with carpet choices, then begin experimenting with small areas such as staircase carpets which provide low commitment and are easy to install.

Mixed finishes

All carpet patterns do not have to be bold and the subtle designs stick to colour palette with a mix of finishes. The base material should be simple and flat woven with natural texture for giving the feel of something luxurious to the space. It is a delicate abstract print in deeper and softer pile for creating attractive subtle print.

Multi-coloured carpets

Other than being bolder in the choice of design, the big trend is decorating with small colour palette and sticking to those hues. This carpet is the jump-off point for the entire room and you should choose a carpet at first and then allow it to dictate your remaining space. Also, think about floor treatments which are meant to last for a long time. . Like you need installers to add commercial flooring in London, similarly you should hire a fitter to install carpets in your home.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking has taken several forms in the last few years though it comes up season after season in the interior trends. Choosing bold shades on the walls is not a cup of tea for everyone and it is definitely not for every space. Consider a mix of hues onto the floor which seem to be more subtle way to embrace this popular trend.


People either seem to love or hate it though there is a case for bringing the traditional pattern into minimalistic interiors which update the look. You may yet benefit from this lovely cozy feeling which is synonymous with print and try to pair it with latest shapes and minimal clutter. Avoid sticking with classic hues of mossy browns and greens as there are tartan colour ways available which give fresh and contemporary feel. The hint of pale blue shade in the carpet will give floor a lift.

3D textures

Though textured and deeo-coloured carpets feel reminiscent, there are stylish ways for 3D textures. If you want on-trend look, then select high pile and thick wool carpet to find the loops. In the case you want neutral ideas for the living room, this is a good choice as you can keep colours muted and allow texture to add interest. Try to bring lovely texture into the remaining room along with cushions and soft furnishings. Also, prevent it from looking slubby as softness with clean lines and hard materials are found with marble table.

Earthy toned carpets

Though the carpet trends are showing you can go bolder with the prints and colours, there has been a strong trend for using carpets of renowned quality. The carpets add up warmth and comforting vibes to different rooms in your home. Besides, the coziness is just enhanced with earthy and toasty tones. The ochre shades and rich terracotta are an ideal option to bring it deep hues to the neutral space without overwhelming soft and pale shades.

Match carpet to the walls

Carpets are about creating the feel of lovely cocoon which match your carpet with wall colour to enhance the look. This trend works well with dark shades and in small space as it blurs the edges of room, merges wall and floor and alludes to a larger space. But the look will work with warm, soft and calm tones which are a great colour trend right now. Besides, the welcoming peachy shade runs from the walls to the soft carpet for creating a calming vibe. The neural backdrop will let the furniture to appear bolder in the room.

Thus, once you speak with designers, you will find that the carpets seem to be back in style when chosen in the right way. If you are thinking to give up bare floorboard life, then go for it and use these carpet trends as an inspiration for your need. Type in Google search box, “carpet fitters near me” when looking for the one in your area and select the right kind of carpet to add beauty to your home.