Deciding on the Right Flooring Option for Hotels and B&B’s

Deciding on the Right Flooring Option for Hotels and B&B’s

The right kind of flooring for your hotel or B&B should be extremely durable, safe and affordable. With higher level of football, the floor should be appropriate and safer for the job but yet offer a ‘wow’ factor that keeps people to stay with you. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to each kind of flooring that will depend on what you want to achieve with your hotel or B&B. Bedrooms, corridors bathrooms and dining areas will require different considerations.


Benefits of choosing carpet


The popular flooring for the hotels and B&B’s is carpet for bedrooms and corridors. Apart from extensive choice of patterns, colours and textures, other reasons for choosing Carpet flooring in London include:

  • Soundproofing – Carpet is one of the soundproofed flooring types apart from high-quality underlay. With several people opening and closing doors, moving bags in the same buildings, soundproofing has become a necessity if you desire to extend the longevity of the carpet. The level of noise will either make or break the experience of a hotel or B&B.

  • Warm and comfortable – When you wake up in the morning and need to put your feet on a hard and cold floor, choosing the perfect rugs and carpets will always be a good choice, particularly around your bed area.

Wood flooring options


Wooden flooring is extremely durable and visually appealing. Solid wood flooring is luxurious due to its cost when compared to vinyl or carpet. This will be a great choice for the entrance and reception to create a great first impression for your guests. Read our blog in order to discover how you can create a great entrance to your hotel or B&B.


However, in case of hotel and B&B bedrooms, solid wood floors are not the suitable choice. Even if there is a good underlay, still, the noise will be there. With heels clacking, bags dropping and heavy footfall throughout the day and night, the sound will also travel to other rooms. It is quite easy to scratch with the movement of furniture or faulty wheels on a suitcase.


If you want to avoid these disadvantages, we would suggest laminate wood. Though it is not a luxury for solid wood flooring, it is scratch resistant, provides better stability, easy to clean and comes at a competitive price.


About vinyl flooring


Several benefits of vinyl flooring can be of great help for hotels or B&B. They are hard to wear, extremely durable and affordable as these are available in different, patterns, colours and styles that will match perfectly with the theme of your accommodation. Due to its affordable price, you can find vinyl in low budget hotels or hostels.


One important thing about these floors is that it is hygienic and easy to clean. Even if it gets damaged, it is easy to fix quickly. Though it is scratch resistant, sometimes it is just unavoidable for the floors to get damaged. However, if any vinyl area gets damaged, it is easy to remove this section and then replace with another that matches perfectly and you won’t need to renovate the entire floor again.


With innumerable design possibilities of vinyl flooring, you can mimic more expensive designs such as stone, wood or tiles to provide an appealing look in your rooms at just half the price.


Finally, this will depend on the kind of hotel and your estimated budget. Carpet is a good choice for hotel rooms due to its cosy aesthetics and affordable cost. Solid wood have its drawbacks but are quite expensive. Vinyl is the perfect option for those that are not trying to impress high paying guests. Vinyl is also suitable for the back part of your house.