Reasons Your Home Needs Luxury Vinyl Tile

Reasons Your Home Needs Luxury Vinyl Tile

There are so many modern floor options in the market that it becomes difficult to choose which is the right fit for your home or office. There is no doubt that flooring options like stone and wood are popular classics, but not every customer may find them suitable. Also, not everyone can afford stone and wood flooring. In fitting these kinds of floors, there may be some hassles. Sometimes, these floor styles do not match individual needs. Under these circumstances, technological advancement in woodwork has blessed us with a more practical and simple alternative – the luxury vinyl tile flooring.

This product is an effective replacement for wood flooring; however, there are some doubts about how well it can serve ahome purpose. Although luxury vinyl tile is a synthetic material, unlike stone and wood, which are natural products, certain credits qualify them for your home flooring requirement.

What are the perks of using luxury vinyl tiles

  1. Great design options: For years, we have seen vinyl tiles in different forms. But, the days are over when vinyl tiles were known as antique, unattractive, plastic-looking floors. Right now, vinyl tiles have rebranded into the amazing luxury vinyl tile (LVT) available in a plethora of lovely, elegant styles from which customers can make their choice. We now find LVT in stunning designs, including wood effect, intricate tile, natural stone and herringbone. This implies that every home has got a flooring that fits perfectly! And if you are looking for vinyl fitters, our professionals at M-M Carpets Contractors LTD can help you out.
  2. Long-lasting floors: The fact that LVT is synthetic is actually a good thing. Yes, they are designed to be durable floors. In addition to their longevity, the floor offers an excellent resistance to slip! Even as you walk on them, theyprovide great foot grip. Also, luxury vinyl tile flooring is resistant to water. This is why it is best for areas with high foot traffic and water spills like kitchens, dining rooms and entrances.

So, for a kitchen floor replacement, you can count on LVT. With the proper care, modern vinyl tiles can live up to decades. This means that getting LVT is a good investment that brings value for money. It is not like some floors that will deteriorate after few years of use.

  1. Easy to install and comfortable: One more advantage of LVT flooring is the ease of installation. These floorings come in easy-to-install options like the click and stick down. This makes it faster to fit luxury vinyl tile than stone or wood floors. It might interest you to know that LVT flooring is compatible with the underfloor heating system. Thanks to its very thin nature, heat can easily spread to the floor surface and keep the home warm in the cold months. So, you can have a comfortable home temperature with LVT.

When it comes to cleaning luxury vinyl tile, it can be easily done. Again, maintaining this type of floor is simple. You don't have to deal with stains and grouting as experienced in wood and stone. You can see that the cost of maintenance for LVT is low.

  1. Beauteous: There are so many tasty colours, designs and patterns in which luxury vinyl tile comes. Without a doubt, this flooring, in a simplistic manner, can transform the look of your home with an allure for a long time to come. The technology employed in luxury vinyl tile manufacturing is capable of mimicking a ton of natural materials. So, you can have LVT with a realistic wood and stone effect and many other fantastic look-alikes.

To suit the needs of modern-day homes, LVT is available in a wide array of contemporary designs. You can see them in checked mosaic and other cute patterns. Whatever kind of home you've got, you'll find a befitting LVT. If your lifestyle is expensive, there is an endless list of LVT options to satisfy your requirements.


Luxury vinyl tile is designed to have a highquality, making it hard to note the difference between original hardwood and stone. This product has got interesting advantages every home shouldn't miss.

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