Timber Flooring: What You Should Know

Timber Flooring: What You Should Know

Natural woods like timber remain a highly sought-after floor material. They come in different lustres, textures, grains and colours. There is something for everyone in our collection.

Timber floor installation

Sheet floors and timbers laid horizontally (known as joists) will support hardwood timber floors with either thick or thin floorboards.

Boards with more width make a space look bigger; however, they cost more and can be affected by a condition known as "cupping" caused by expansion and contraction of the vinyl timber flooring  with changes in humidity.

The types of timber flooring

People have different preferences in wooden flooring.

These are some terms you should know when it comes to timber floors. The first one is species. This refers to the type of hardwood, and the colour of the timber.

Grade is a term that describes how many organic imperfections the timber has - bug holes, loops, gum veins, and grain patterns that aren't regular.

If a grade of timber is cheap, it will have more defects. This type of wood is suitable for country-styled floors. High grade timber is typically used in modern-day floors.

Bearing in mind that timber comes from trees that are prone to weather and biological impact, different trees will have different flaws, including knots and colour differences which are all-natural. Interestingly, it is these defects that make the wood from each tree unique. To help you make a good choice, our timber samples are large enough to display the traits of the tree so you can choose. Should you need our help deciding which choice to make, we would be happy to tell you more about the available samples.

Engineered timber flooring

This synthetically made type of timber floor is more affordable. Engineered timber floors are layers of wood. The base layer is typically plantation timber that is wrapped in a veneer of the type of hardwood you choose. Compared to solid timber floors, this option is very cost-effective. You can get it in a stained and lacquered form.

Repurposed timber floors

As the name implies, these are woods that have been re-used. Typically, they are sourced from old wooden structures. Because they have already been used, they offer a more natural look to surroundings than freshly sourced timber that requires a hundred years to develop fully. Old houses can benefit from the use of recycled wood because they match existing floors.

However, it is not easy to get repurposed timber and the cost of these woods is roughly 20 per cent higher than the cost of plantation timber planks. If you would like to use recycled timber, you must place an order early to allow time for your choice of species to be identified.

Final words

If you are not sure the type of floor your home or office needs, why not consult our carpet fitters London and we will help you choose. We have a plethora of woods in different designs and colours at our store. Want to install your floor yourself? Get your supplies from us. Alternatively, we can handle the supply and installation for you. Give us a call, and let's get started.