Timber-Laminate Floors

Timber-Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring is a common option in homes, and it has improved over the years. This makes differentiating between real timber and laminate flooring, difficult. Laminate flooring has several advantages, including durability and sturdiness. It can also be reliable in different areas such as kitchens which are affected by water.

Laminate floors are available in various designs, finishes and colours. They are an affordable alternative to real timber and are aesthetically pleasing. Laminate installations are easy to clean with simple DIY methods. 

Modern and high-class style

The exotic natural beauty of timber flooring has inspired the creation of different Quick-Step Elinga. This flooring option is a more affordable option for modern homes. It usually comes with a 25-year warranty, meaning your floor will be protected from household stains, spills, and everyday wear and tear.

The boards are available in 1380mm length with a width of 156mm, enabling quick and easy installation. Quick-Step Elinga is installed fast because it is available in the Click Lock system, a feature that aids easy installation. If you are on a limited budget, you can easily lay the floorboards without professional help.

Exceptional appearance

You can opt for the Preference Floor Classic with a 65% gloss finish, giving your floor a stunning look worthy of the envy of friends and family. A high gloss flooring helps make your rooms appear brighter and fresher.

This feature gives a semi-reflective surface that instantly brightens a dim room with darker hues. If your rooms are small, high gloss laminate flooring can make the room appear bigger. The digitally imprinted laminate floor creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Bespoke vintage option

Opt for the Oakleaf laminate 12mm and you can instantly transform your home with extra wide and long planks. It has a rustic yet beautiful charm that gives an authentic feel and real timber look, leaving you with a unique flooring option.

Oakleaf also has a lifetime structural warranty due to its high-quality and durable construction. Its classic design can complement the calm and cool colours in many homes. Neutral palettes of cream, blue and green can create a unique look and natural lighting to enhance the charm, and your home will feel more luxurious.

French oak

Give your home a sophisticated and a natural pure oak appeal without a huge outlay. Laminate flooring options capturing the raw oak look are available, and it is hard to tell the difference between these laminate flooring options and the real thing. 

Different décor options can complement this flooring, and you can opt for the furnishing that matches the natural hues of timber.

Several timber-like laminate flooring options are available. With the new laminate flooring ranges available, it is usually hard to differentiate between laminate and timber floor. 

Our laminate flooring options at M&M Carpets Contractors Ltd can instantly transform your home. With our lasts 5G joining system, your floor installation will be completed in no time. Our Commercial flooring fitters will properly fit the laminate planks together to give your floor an exceptional look.

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