Tips for Caring Amico Flooring

Tips for Caring Amico Flooring

Amico flooring is a preferred flooring option for most homes. This flooring is easy to clean, durable and it retains its appearance for several years. It has the Form, Signature and Spacia variants of luxury vinyl flooring, which are durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The wide range of finishes and designs available make it perfect for different people. You may also decide to opt for a bespoke design created by a certified fitter. Old Amico flooring can last for over 40 years, and with the latest technology, Amico flooring can last longer.

Although Amico flooring is resistant to wear and tear, you still need to take proper care of it. With proper care, your Amico flooring can last a lifetime.

Regular maintenance of Amico flooring can preserve its appearance. However, the foot traffic on the flooring, its colour, and the type installed plays a role in how long the carpet remains in perfect condition.

To ensure your Amico flooring last long, you can get Amico matting. This prevents grit and dirt. Sweeping the floor using a soft brush and cleaning it with a non-treated dust mop will ensure the carpet remains in perfect condition.

Ensure you clean your entrance mat often to prevent people from stepping on dirt and walking into the house with it. You can also use an Amico floorcare maintainer to clean the floor, but ensure you dilute it following the instructions.

An alternative is using a gentle, non-abrasive floor cleaner in water and a soft mop to clean the floor. Although Amico flooring is water-resistant, ensure you remove the excess water on the floor surface because leaving the floor wet for a prolonged period can damage the flooring.

If scruff marks are on the floor, gently rub the area using a non-abrasive nylon pad which can be used on non-stick cookware.

At least once every year, use Amico International Floorcare Stripper to strip the floor completely to remove embedded dirt. Ensure you follow the instructions on the solution, but note that the floor will be slippery while stripping the flooring. Dressing the floor involves using a clean mop and drying for about 30 minutes, then applying a second coat if necessary.

Tip for preserving Amico flooring

The following tips can preserve the appearance of your Amico flooring for several years.


  • Using silicone-based products or aerosol sprays because they make the floor slippery. Instead, opt for matting at your internal entrance to reduce the amount of grit, stones, debris and dirt carried into the house
  • Leaving spills on the floor for a long period
  • Getting shoe polish, paint or rubber on the floor to prevent staining
  • Allowing heat on the floor, including straighteners, steam mops, and cigarettes, could damage the tile and weaken the adhesive. You can use furniture pads to prevent scratches on the floor and avoid dragging furniture on the floor.

With these steps, your Amico flooring can last for an extended period. If you are yet to fit Amico flooring in your home, you can contact our carpet fitters in London at M&M Carpet Contractors on 020 7740 1402 to carry out the Amico Flooring installation.