Types Of Timber Floor Finishing

Types Of Timber Floor Finishing

Your floor finishing is an important aspect in your home décor. Several options are available, so choosing the right fit for your home is easy. If you want a natural look, your options may fall between a fresh modern satin lacquer floor and something with an antique feel.

The guide below on flooring finishes will help you make the right choice.

Unfinished flooring

Unfinished flooring has only a sanded surface and may be a perfect choice if you want a bespoke option. Alternative oils and colour stains are available for unfinished flooring but they are more susceptible to damage without the right protective finish. 

Stain lacquer flooring

Satin lacquer floors use solid or engineered timber floors. This flooring option is durable and easy to clean. A satin lacquer finishing has an even sheen, allowing gentle light reflection for an airy and fresh feel. You can use this finish in rooms without sufficient natural light sources.

Oiled flooring finish

With modern production methods, some timber flooring options are prefinished with natural oils. The natural oil finishing allows the wood’s natural beauty to show, a feature that makes this finishing a popular option. 

Oiled flooring is durable and protects the floor but requires regular cleaning and occasional maintenance. Spot cleaning can make an oiled flooring look good as new again. 

Matte flooring finish

Wood floors with a matte lacquer finish appears natural but with protection that doesn’t give an overly glossy effect. Matte lacquer finishing is virtually invisible and provides an excellent wood floor finishing. It has a similar effect to an oiled floor finish but requires simpler maintenance.

Brushed flooring finish

For a brushed finish, the wood surface is roller brushed before applying a flooring finish. This helps remove the softer summer growth rings from the grain to give a naturally textured surface. The natural texture highlights the grain structure, providing a fine and rich texture.

Distressed flooring finish

Distressed flooring formerly considered an outdated option, has returned to modern interior designs. The newer options add real charm and character to any space. Distressed flooring is subjected to a machine or hand scrapping to remove the surface, then stained to complement the new even finish, giving a deliberately aged, distressed look and feel.

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