Wool Carpets

Wool Carpets

Wool is a complex natural fibre known for its durability, versatility and beauty. Wool carpets are a luxurious option that feel comfortable underfoot. Wool carpets also have an insulating property, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. They are the perfect solution for many homes. 

Wool carpets provide several health benefits, are environmentally friendly, and serve as a practical carpet option. 

Some benefits of wool carpet include:

  • Healthy living

Wool is resistant to allergens such as dust mites. A dust mite is a common trigger for asthma  and found in different carpeting options, but wool is hygroscopic, meaning it has hygroscopic pores which respond effectively to changes in humidity. Wool can absorb moisture from the atmosphere then release it when the atmosphere is drier. This prevents wool carpets from breeding dust mites, fungus and mould.

Besides preventing the growth of allergens, wool can absorb different harmful pollutants and chemicals such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and formaldehyde from the air. This helps neutralise the contaminants more quickly and effectively than synthetic carpet fibres. Wool does not re-emit contaminants, even when heated. Research shows that the best wool carpets in homes can help purify the air.

Since wool is a natural fibre, it generates little or no static electricity. Static electricity usually attracts dust and dirt, so this means your wool carpet will stay cleaner for longer. 

  • Improving wellness

Noise has several effects on our wellbeing, and most people will be irritated by noises. With more people working from home, there is an increased need for an ambient environment to enhance concentration, reduce stress levels and increase overall productivity.

Research shows that wool carpets have good acoustic properties, making them a preferred option for cars, planes and cinemas. Unlike hard surfaces that reflect sounds, wool carpets have a porous surface that enables sound penetration into the pile instead of reflecting it, giving you a more peaceful environment.

  • Sustainable living

Wool is a natural fibre produced by sheep, from fleeces that re-grow every year. This makes wool an eco-friendly option as it is sustainably sourced compared to synthetic fibres that are produced from petroleum-based chemicals.

Wool processing for carpets requires less energy than with synthetic fibres. The low energy required for manufacturing wool means lower carbon emission and less carbon footprint, enhancing a green lifestyle.

Wool provides excellent natural flooring insulation, meaning lower heating bills and a reduction in your carbon footprint. If you prefer a wool carpet solution in your home and need carpet fitters in London for the installation, feel free to contact M & M Carpets Contractors Ltd on 020 7740 1402